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What we offer

We offer a range of services to our clients who may not have adequate infrastructure or time to carry out Product design and development. Outsourcing of these services from us helps companies concentrate on their core competencies, especially the start ups and emerging companies. Even big companies avail these services from us due to our high level of experience, quality outputs, and competitive cost.

Many products require extensive tests and trials before they can be launched. We offer stability tests needed to find out how a specific formula remains under specific conditions and its shelf life. We also offer fluoride ion tests.

Core Competences

  • Specialist own brand manufacturer
  • Thorough knowledge of westernized taste, mouth feel and packaging preferences
  • Fully developed Research & Development facilities, alongside production QC
  • Full range of formulations: Mid range to premium, including advanced whitening & Sensitive
  • Access to & use of advanced silica´s (enhanced cleaning for same or reduced abrasion)
  • SLS free formulations available
  • Denture fixatives, including Gantrez
  • Deep stripe capability - up to 4 sections in 3 colors. Excellent structure.
  • Close links with European flavor houses
  • In house flavor development available as an option - a key strength


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