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  • Manufacturing & management team: 56 employees
  • Factory covers 52,000 square feet
  • Annual toothpaste production capacity: 1,500 tones which can be increased to 3,000 tones p.a. within existing plant: 10 tons / day
  • Currently working at 50% capacity
  • Effective Preventive maintenance plan and have a back up of almost all machineries to meet with the contingency, if any.
  • Scope for future expansion from:
    a) New Machinery can be installed with or without building/Land extension.

Facility and Infrastructure

Production Facilities to manufacture
  1. Toothpaste includes Regular, Striped, Sparkled, Medicated, Pump, Dual Pump, Profile Cut (Wave / Oval)
  2. Hair Shampoo, Hand Wash, lotions, Hand Sanitizers, Shaving Cream and Gel, Face creams, Face Masks.
  3. Denture adhesive / fixative creams, Mouthwash, Pain Reliving Oils, Cream, Ointment, Vetenary Shampoo, Creams and Oils.
  4. Facility to purify the Water: Company having a validated water treatment system to product purified water to meet with the national and international standard.
  5. Facility of Electricity Back Up (Gen Set), Air Handing Unit, Dedicated and well qualified team to keep Plant and Machinery up to date and ready to use any time.

R & D Facilities

The company has an extensive R&D facility.
The up-to-date development efforts and knowledge-base at Goran Pharma has equipped the company adequately to undertake specialized/tailor-made development work for novel applications and have resulted in a wide range of control options with varying levels of automation.

Quality Control

We have a complete in-house Chemical analytical and microbial laboratory (State FDA Approved), equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments where our raw materials, in-process and finished products are thoroughly tested. Each batch is fully characterized to meet customer requirements & specifications. Our stringent quality control has enabled us to comply with number of national and international standard / Buyer´s System and Quality standards.


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